While we can’t take credit for the DWIFF screening of Playback, this one IS because of our promotion:

Our Festival Partners at the Cupcake Bandit Film Festival have, in their infinite wisdom, selected three (count ’em) 21-Day Films from 2008 to present to the world next Saturday, June 20th, at the 2nd Annual Cupcake Bandit Film Festival.

“Schijnwerper” by Team Normal View of New York/New Jersey, “Lights Out” by Team Splined Mind of Chicago, and Another Bad Idea by Team Me Me Me of Philadelphia will all be screening as part of the hour and a half film screening beginning at 8:30pm in Jefferson Square Park.

In an awesome coincidence, 21-Day filmmaker Adam Cusack will also have one of his NON-P21 films, “Trees” screening as a part of Cupcake Bandit as well, so the night will be a virtual reunion of P21 filmmakers!

For more details, check out their website here.

Project Twenty1 will be manning a booth at the fest, and will also be hosting/announcing films in the event that any of these talented filmmakers are unable to come out and represent in person. It was a ton of fun last year, and hey, they make awesome cupcakes. What more can you ask?

Congratulations to our chosen filmmakers!

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