lital-journey-backReally, what isn’t there to love about LiTaL?  Let’s just do a quick break down:  CD Baby calls her “an unapologetic fuse of rock, dance, electronic, pop and funk,” but perhaps what speaks to us most here at Project Twenty1 is that she is unapologetically independent.  More than that, she is a musician who puts her heart, mind and soul into her work.  See and hear for yourself.  Take a moment to sample some of her tracks at her website.  Just don’t blame us if you spend a lot longer than a moment.

It was one song in particular that won our hearts above all the others and, even more, won our first ever Music Contest.  LiTaL’s track “That’s how I got Here” felt like it was written for every film maker, musician and artist that has ever struggled to produce creative content and get it an audience.  Check out the chorus: “It was hard work and suffering and feeling lost / That’s how I got here / From the pressures, to the failures, through the hunger / That’s how I got here.”  What aspiring film maker or actor can’t relate to that?  And so, we fell in love.

What’s that? Now you want to see this awesome song put to a video?  A Project Twenty1 2009 trailer specifically you say?  No problem.  But we’re not just linking that to promote ourselves or show of the mad editing skills of our staff, fantastic though they may be.  We want our 2009 21-Day Filmmaking Competition participants to see how beautiful films look and sound with LiTaL’s music in them because their films can look just as beautiful with her music in them.  Better yet, they can look and sound that great for free. Simply reach out to her manager Brett Gottleib for everything you need and be sure to include her in the film credits.  Just one more way we never stop working for our film makers, dear hearts.

Not a Project Twenty1 filmmaker but love LiTaL as much as we do?  She’s also available for purchase at iTunes, CD Baby and f.y.e.  You know, purchase?  That thing you used to do with green paper before the economy went to hell?  Well I bet there’s at least an album’s worth of spending that your credit card can withstand before it melts, so, one way or another, whoever you are, go find a way to show LiTaL that you love her just as much as we do.

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