Matt is up late as usual, among other things he is doing, he gives us a glimpse of the Sinatti […]
In this continuation of the previous podcast, Matt continues working on his projects, and he takes time to wish his […]
Aislinn couldn’t attend the member/volunteer event since she had another event. She shares a funny incident that didn’t go so […]
Norristown Arts Hill hosted an open house for artists from the surrounding greater Philadelphia community to come and see the […]
Since the office is still clean, why not thank all our volunteers and members at the Project Twenty1 office, and […]
Of the many issues that Matt and Steph have to deal with, including a busted car, and clients, they do […]
Steph takes part in a panel of alums at U-Arts in Philadelphia as she talks a bit about her path […]
Steph talks about the fine line she must walk with Susie and the film community. Susie may need a vacation, […]
Steph takes some time to talk about gifts for 2010 members, membership renewals and other special deals for new 2011 […]
Matt, Steph and Lee do some early Halloweening with James Rolfe out at the Bates Motel haunted house. October 9th, […]