Thriller! Chiller!Those of you who have created 21-Day Competition films for us in the past know that on top of screening your World Premieres in Philadelphia, we also endeavor to get your film seen in as many theaters as possible nationwide. We have over two dozen Festival Partners now, some of which have screened as many as 12 Project Twenty1 films at a time as a part of their festivals. Overall, our Festival Partner program saves each and every one of our filmmakers over $800 in entry fees per film created for us.

To this end, we are excited to welcome aboard new Festival Partner: the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival based in the historic and beautiful Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Project Twenty1 producers Stephanie and Matt Conant actually attended Thriller! Chiller! in 2008, and we can honestly say that it is one of the best-run, most organized, and most exciting festivals we’ve ever attended. The festival organizers put their hearts and souls into making it happen each year, and it shows on the screen! No glitchy projectors or wrong aspect ratios here… their love of film shows in everything they do, and we are truly honored to be partnered with them.

As a new partner, Thriller! Chiller! is accepting our entire Film Library (including 21-Day films from 2006, 2008, and 2009!) as submissions free of entry fees! We feel films have no expiration dates, so it’s always nice to work with other festivals that share that belief.

Note: Like any other festival, submitting these films does NOT guarantee acceptance! Your films are still subject to the same rigorous screening process of the other entries. So at this point, it’s all up to them!

Anybody else NOT a Project Twenty1 filmmaker who wants to submit, it’s still EARLY DEADLINE until April 16th. Like Project Twenty1’s Philadelphia Filmathon, Thriller! Chiller! is an imdb-qualifying festival, so submission to Thriller! Chiller! through WILL get your film listed on the best resume on the internet.

Stay tuned… the Late Deadline for Thriller! Chiller! is in August, but once they announce their Official Selections, we will post any P21 films selected right here on our blog! Films that get in will be screened on October 22nd and 23rd in Grand Rapids. Anybody want to join us on a road trip? 🙂

Getting your films seen.

Just another way Project Twenty1 is “NOT JUST A FILM FESTIVAL!”

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