The 21-Day Screenings are here! Here are some FAQs, since we will be out of the office for most of the day setting up the show. In case anyone has missed all of our website and social media updates, please share this e-mail with your Team, friends, and family.
How Much Are Tickets?
Tickets are $10 per screening. Tickets can be purchased online here or through the International House Box Office directly (to the LEFT of the lobby).

Team Leaders, don’t forget, you will have two tickets to any screening on reserve for you at the Project Twenty1 booth (to the RIGHT of the lobby).

These complimentary tickets can be used either both at once for a single screening, or one ticket for two different screenings. Please talk to your Team about who gets these two free tickets in advance so there is no confusion. Feel free to give away the spare tickets to friends or family, but remember, we will log the names on the IDs of the people that pick up the tickets for security purposes.

Are There All-Access Passes?
Due to community request back in Winter 2013/Spring 2014, we have divided the 21-Day Competition and PFAF into two separate programs (like back in 2006-2008!), so there is no need for a pass. You can choose individual screenings or buy tickets to all screenings for a lower price than most large movie theater chains!

How Do I Get There?
International House has a comprehensive guide on how to get to the theater here.

We noticed some construction on that part of Chestnut Street, so they’re down at least 20 spaces from normal. Arrive early to hunt for spots! Most meters cost $2.50/hr.
For fellow thrifty folks who don’t mind walking, parking is free West of 42nd Street on Chestnut. For those who would rather feel their cars are secured behind a gate, go for a lot. For those of you that possess fancy schmancy smartphones, there are plenty of free apps to help find low-cost parking lots. We can’t suggest one because our phones are old enough to be considered beepers.
For mass-transit lovers, 30th Street Station is also within walking distance!

What Should I Wear?
Dress neat, but comfortably, especially if you are networking. Bring some business cards! And if you don’t have those, a small pad and sheet of paper will do as well.

Where Can I See Trailers/Posters?
Most people have been posting their trailers, posters, and promo to the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition Facebook Group.

Can I submit a film to screen tomorrow?
No, all films were specifically created over the summer as a part of the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition. It is too late to submit new entries or unrelated content. We will announce a call-for-entries for our submission based festival (PFAF) once we secure dates and sponsorship. But thanks for your interest!

Is it OK to bring kids to the screening?
Most of the films are rated somewhere between a PG-13 to R, so use your discretion. The after-party at Harvest is 21+ due to Pennsylvania alcohol laws.

What exact time is my friend’s film screening? Can I just come in for it and immediately leave?
While all films are short, it is extremely disruptive to come into the middle of a screening/ leave in the middle. Avoid getting side-eye from Susie Filmmaker – stay and enjoy the show. In addition, we take ballots at the end of the screening, so it’s in your best interest to stay and vote for your favorites for the Audience Award!

When do you announce nominees and awards?
To encourage community building, education, and career opportunities, we do not announce nominees in advance and make the awards show & wrap party free and open to the public. Over 50% of our community has reported receiving paying work as a direct result of attending our events, so this policy is effective!

Awards will be announced verbally between 8:30-9:30 pm on Tuesday, October 7th in the Ibrahim Theater. Audience Awards will be tabulated and announced at the end of the Wrap Party at Harvest. Nominees and Award-Winners in all categories will be placed on and posted on social media during the morning of Wednesday, October 8th.

Where is it? When is it? Who am I? Where am I?
In case you didn’t get the memo:

21-Day Filmmaking Competition Screenings
October 6-7, 2014
International House Philadelphia
Ibrahim Theater (map)
3701 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19401
World Premieres of short films based on the common secret element “Disconnect”.

Screenings @ 6:30 & 8:30 (Monday)
Screenings @ 6:30 (Tuesday); Awards Show @ 8:30
Wrap Party @ Harvest Seasonal Grill (Tuesday, 9:30-Close), 40th & Walnut.

RSVP on Facebook
Buy Tickets
What if I don’t know anyone?
No problem – we cater to wallflowers and newbies. Come see a Project Twenty1 volunteer and we’ll help you break the ice with some cool creatives that could use your help, feedback, and support.

Any last snarky remarks?
All joking aside, every year, the quality of the films gets better, and this year is no exception. We can’t wait to show your work off to the world and/or invite you as guests to this amazing showcase of rare films. Remember, you’ll get to brag that you knew all of these cast and crew members before they became famous!
See you soon!

Your friends, as always,
Stephanie, Matt & All the Project Twenty1 Volunteers

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