This is the real deal in short film competitions!

-Ricardo Finnis, Team Genesis Entertainment Group (Sunrise, FL)

If you are serious about being involved in the film industry… One of the best film festivals/competitions around!

-Scott Ennis, Team Screen Screams (New London, CT)

Just wanted to thank Project Twenty1 and the producers for creating one of the best film festivals around. This really is a breath of fresh air.

-Kevin Lee, Team 509 (Philadelphia, PA)

If you’re a filmmaker then you owe yourself the opportunity they offer to raise your profile – and your game – to an international level by being a part of their next festival.

-Anthony Griffin, Team With No Name (Grand Rapids, MI)

Project Twenty1 is gonna be awesome… again. I can’t wait to say “this is the best thing I’ve ever done” and then you can cut to me saying the same thing last year. And I’ll say the same thing next year too… until I win my Oscar and I become too good for you.

-Jason Heffner, Team Drop the HAT (Philadelphia, PA)

I enjoyed these 3 weeks fantastically, it’s great how working to a deadline as tight as this really makes you commit to a piece.

-Dominic Mayer, Team Phantasm (United Kingdom)

It’s clear that you really “get” the world us aspiring filmmakers live in. I hope you keep Project Twenty1 going forever.

-David Matteson, Team Synthetic Human, Phoenix, AZ

The laws of magnetism were in full effect. The people that I was meant to meet naturally gravitated to me…I made at least 30 contacts.

-Nathan Zens-Sapien, Actor & Writer

I would like to thank you because you are the reason I got my first job. If you had never posted last year [for a 21-Day Film needing crew] I would have never, ever realized I wanted to work in movies.

-John Rattacasa, filmmaker and participant

Project Twenty 1 has been an invaluable resource for me.  It has provided me the opportunity to work with numerous Philadelphia-based indie film directors.  In fact, several clips on my demo reel are from films shot specifically for the 21 day filmmaking competition. Participating is one of the best investments an indie filmmaker can make.

-Dawn Harvey, actress and participant