These are the winners of this year’s Project Twenty1 Competition, where teams of creatives from all over the world had 21-Days to create an original short based on the common secret element “Passage.”

Click here for a list of award nominees & Official Selections.

Audience Award

Submitted via digital ballots from audience members of the 2019 Project Twenty1 Streaming Festival:

Halfpass Bridge – Team Yellowberri 

Best Acting

Best Performances as an Ensemble

Halfpass Bridge – Team Yellowberri

Nominees in the following categories have been determined by the Project Twenty1 2019 Judges:

Best Animation

Best animation or special effects, including but not limited to 2-D Traditional Animation, 3-D models, Stop-Motion, Motion-Graphics, Practical Animated Effects, Animated Titles)

Bouncer – Rusty Eveland

Best Cinematography

JOY – Team Magic Broom Productions 

Best Directing

The Savior – Team I Am

Best Editing

Florida Man and the Masters of the Panhandle – Team To: Many Cooks 

Best Use of Element

Most creative use of the 2019 Secret Element “Passage”

You Get Born – Team Sickening Belfry

Best Marketing

Best Marketing Materials, including but not limited to: Behind-the-scenes materials, posters, trailers, social media promotion of the short, promotion of the live stream, casting/crew calls, and Team/short awareness. 

The Ghost – Team Justice Productions

Best Music

Safe Passage – Team Platinum

Best Production Design

Overall, best sets/locations/backgrounds, and hair/makeup/wardrobe/character design

You Get Born – Team Sickening Belfry

Best Sound

Including but not limited to: Best audio quality, mixing, mastering, sound effects and overall soundscape.

A Family of Failed Magicians – Team Shadow 

Best Writing

Safe Passage – Team Philagape

Best Student Film

Best short created by a student who is currently enrolled in a formal educational institution, including but not limited to K-12, college/university, or grad-school. 

Smith and the Devil – Team Bad Apple Productions

Best Short (Overall Winner)

Halfpass Bridge – Team Yellowberri

EPIC Award

Award for a member of the Project Twenty1 community who exhibits EPIC Community spirit.

Brian Carlin

For Creating a Partnership with the Seattle Film Summit to allow the theatrical exhibition of select Project Twenty1 shorts.

Sincere thanks to our 2019 Judges and viewing audience for voting!

Save the Date: August 1-22, 2020 – Produce your next original short as a part of Project Twenty1!


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