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  • Best Short (Grand Prize)
  • Best Live-Action
  • Best Animation
  • Best V/R
  • Best Director
  • Best Acting
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Music
  • Audience Award (Live-Stream)
  • EPIC Award*
  • Best Marketing

*Award for participant who exhibits exemplary participation within the Project Twenty1 community. Think of it as the “Miss Congeniality” of content creation.)

The greatest reward of Project Twenty1 is a completed project. Think of it as NaNoWriMo, for film, animation, and VR! The better your project is, the more opportunities Project Twenty1 can potentially get for it.

For example, Project Twenty1 partners with film festivals, broadcasters, screening partners, and new media outlets to exhibit projects. It’s essentially a waived submission fee for your project.

Since these partners vary, the opportunities have ranged from playing 24/7 in the lobby of a business to exhibiting as a part of a traditional film festival with a red carpet event, to getting broadcast on the award-winning PhillyCAM production, Optical Toys!

After our panel of screeners view and rate all of the submitted projects, the top projects finished on time will be submitted to the industry judges.


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