Happy 2011 to our friends in the Project Twenty1 community!


It was hard to cut any of the 2010 films from this compilation, but with 57 films, what could we do? The DVD contains a whopping 28 films, including ALL the Judges’ picks and Audience picks, meaning every Award-winning film and most nominees made the cut!

For a complete list of films on the DVD, or to pick up a copy, check out “Between the Lines” in OUR STORE. If you’re way behind on our collection, pick up Volumes 1-4 as a package, featuring all 21-Competitions throughout the years, including not only “Between the Lines”, but also “Key,” “Light,” and “21” at a significant discount.

Remember, buying the DVD isn’t the only way to watch all the 21-Day Competition films! As a 100% volunteer-run organization, members are the backbone of Project Twenty1.

Becoming a member of Project Twenty1 in 2011 not only helps us to continue to provide the high quality of services you have come to expect from us, but it will also allow you access to our 21-Day films online.

Starting in 2011, Project Twenty1 members will be emailed the private URLs where they can watch their favorite P21 films anytime.If you are currently a member, you should be receiving a notice about this in your email this month.

If you are not a member,  you can now prepare yourself for an awesome year of film-going with a 1-Year Membership and become a part of Philly’s favorite film organization as we head into 2011. In addition to the above, members receive free and discounted tickets to film events in the Philadelphia area and exclusive invites to Project Twenty1 Members-only events, giveaways, and raffles. We’ve already given away hundreds of dollars in prizes to members THIS YEAR! Business/family memberships are available at a discount as well.

Or, if you truly love what we do, become a Premium Member! Premium Members get first crack at becoming Community Screeners of the 2011 Philadelphia Filmathon, guaranteed screenings of their work at Shorts & Shots events, FREE DVDs, priority seating at P21Fest, and more!

Project Twenty1
has partnered with eBay to raise money for our nonprofit! If you enjoy our events, have received connections & job leads from Susie Filmmaker, or just want a tax writeoff, please consider listing benefit auction items. You can donate 10%-100%, and eBay often gives special offers, free gallery listings, and more to charity sellers!

If you haven’t been following, a lot has been changing at P21 headquarters the past few months. New partners and production projects look set to dominate early 2011 for the organizers. Several cool P21 events are coming up in the spring. Tax-exempt status has been attained, along with a new P21-Mobile! Meet our new interns, see the new green screen in action, and look behind-the-scenes of the new series being filmed in our offices by one of our regular Competition Teams! All right here, at Channel Twenty1, free for the viewership of all. Subscribe and make sure you’re the first to see all the new episodes!

Lastly, we are hard at work on bringing back one of our spring favorite events: Shorts & Shots with GLOW NETWORKING for Earth Hour!

green01.jpg?w=147&h=300&h=241SAVE THE DATE!
It’s official – Project Twenty1 will hold it’s annual Shorts & Shots with Glow Networking on Saturday, March 26, 2011, 6 pm-9:30 pm, at Marbar, 40th and Walnut Street, Philadelphia,PA 19104. It’s an open-mic screening of indie films coupled with Glow Networking in celebration of Earth Hour! If you would like to promote your products and services at this event, let us know!

Thank you all again for helping make this wonderful year possible. We have accomplished a lot, but there is still a lot more to do. We need your support every step of the way, so whether that means buying a DVD for you or a family member, becoming a member, or forwarding this email on to your cinephile friends, we humbly appreciate it all.
We hope all of you in the Project Twenty1 community had a wonderful 2010, and here’s to even better things to come as we press forward in 2011!

Your friends, as always,
Stephanie Yuhas
, Executive Producer
Matt Conant
, Artistic Director
& All the “Susie Filmmakers
Project Twenty1
Not Just A Film Festival


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