We’re always excited when new Prize sponsors come on board, because it means even more to offer to our filmmakers.

SO, if the already awesome deadline, exposure, and thrill of competition isn’t enough to make you want to enter the 21-Day Competition, and the software package from TMPENC somehow STILL didn’t push you over the edge, say hi to our new sponsor, Sony Creative Software!

That’s right, the makers of Sony Vegas, Cinescore, Sound Forge, ACID, and other great PC video editing tools has signed on, and donated some truly powerful editing and scoring software to Project Twenty1’s 2009 Festival and Competition.

Prizes will include:

-Sony Vegas 9.0
-Sony Vegas 9.0 Production Assistant
-Sony Cinescore

for the winner of “Best Film” in the 21-Day Competition, AND the winners of both “Best Feature” AND “Best Short” in the 2009 Philadelphia Filmathon!

With the Filmathon, “One Submission Goes A Long Way, but now, you get even more with this generous software package.

From personal experience, I can say I’m super-excited about this, because I’ve been using Sony Vegas myself since about 2001 (yes, I’m a PC guy at heart), and I’ve never been inclined to go back to the OTHER leading PC editor. 🙂

We’re thrilled to be able to offer this to our filmmakers, as another way of showing that we’re Not Just A Film Festival! Thanks to Sony Creative Software, and good luck to everybody entering!

Sony Creative Software

Enter the 21-Day Competition

Enter the Philadelphia Filmathon

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