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Norristown couple pledges $1,000 matching grant to Norristown non-profit arts programs.
Charity must raise funds by 12/31 to get funds released.  

Norristown, PA – December 28, 2014 – Author Stephanie Yuhas and filmmaker husband Matt Conant are pledging $1000 in matching funds to raise funds to support Project Twenty1, a Norristown non-profit dedicated to the EPIC mission of Educating, Promoting, Inspiring & Connecting through film & animation programs. The couple will match every dollar  up to $1,000 until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

The couple founded the 501(c)3 in 2006, primarily sponsoring programs through the profits and resources of their co-owned corporate video company, Crystalline Studios. Due to the tremendous demand for independent media arts programs from the community, the couple has since reached out to the community for charitable donations, as well as business sponsorships, in order to support Project Twenty1’s community arts services.

With the support of the local community, Project Twenty1 has:

  • Produced eight 21-Day Filmmaking Competitions, resulting in the creation of over 300 original films and animations
  • Provided free casting & crewing services, as well as paying local industry job opportunities to a network of over 10,000 media artists
  • Presented seven curated international film & animations festivals in Philadelphia
  • Presented two free outdoor movie nights on Dekalb Street
  • Co-founded Norristown Arts Hill through a partnership with multiple Norristown non-profits and community volunteers
  • Sponsored over fifty educational workshops on topics like acting, music, marketing, movie makeup, contracts, and working with the unions
  • Sponsored special-effect makeup parties and contests
  • Held dozens of open-mic indie film nights and movie marathons
  • Educated dozens of local students and recent graduates through their internship program

With all their successes, this organization is struggling to reach their audience and community largely as a result of Facebook’s new crushing algorithm, which requires businesses, non-profits, and individuals to pay each time they post in order to reach their opt-in fans. Now thrust into a battle for ad space with large corporations, the cost-of-marketing has skyrocketed.

“There is a common misconception that anyone can run an event, promote for free online, and generate profit,” says Yuhas. “The opposite is true. Many of our non-profit colleagues have lost money by hosting plays, film festivals, walkathons, and fundraising galas. The cost of marketing – both online and off – as well as the amount of coordination and program development that goes into putting on an event often exceeds the earned income from events.”

“We’re donating because we believe that funding arts programs is integral to the health of our communities,” says Matt Conant. “The best way to support programs at your favorite non-profits is to donate often and spread their mission through word-of-mouth.”

The goal of Project Twenty1’s annual drive is to help this organization build capacity in 2015, which involves building a fundraising committee with a focus on program support and audience outreach. To find out more about this worthy cause and help visit:

Tax-deductible donations can also be made out to:

Project Twenty1
107 East Main Street, Suite LL1
Norristown, PA 19401


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