Project Twenty1 received a 3-year capacity-building grant from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund beginning in 2015. These funds were to be used specifically on infrastructure and operating expenses (as opposed to programs), meaning it gave us much-needed time to plan the future of our organization and ensure its sustainability.

Barbara Silzle, Executive Director, Philadelphia Cultural Fund, and Stephanie Yuhas, Executive Director, Project Twenty1, in City Hall, Philadelphia, March 2017

Thanks in part to this grant, we have accomplished a lot in the last 3 years. Project Twenty1 has been able to:

  1. Run our Susie Filmmaker and Educational Internship Programs, helping find work for dozens of people in film and animation, and helping cast and crew over 200 film projects through our social media community.
  2. Enhance our Board of Directors, adding members with backgrounds in law, politics, and finance.
  3. Continue to expand our industry contacts, and improve the network of job-creators we are able to introduce to our community.
  4. Update our Strategic Plan and set key milestones for our near future.
  5. Work towards bringing back our flagship programs, the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition and the Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival.

We could not be happier with our partners at PCF, and we absolutely love the attitude of their staff, board members, and volunteers. They have been extremely supportive in our continued efforts to improve the cultural scene in Philadelphia. In this time of economic uncertainty for so many non-profits and artistic organizations, it’s great to know that our home city supports us.

If you wish to join our beloved city in supporting Project Twenty1 in our mission to build careers in the arts through filmmaking, you may do so HERE.



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