The last few details of The Project Twenty1 Film & Animation Festival are falling into place, with less than two weeks left, but there’s still something you can do to help.

We wanted to give you an update on the intended Red Carpet event we announced last week, as well as a call-to-action and a challenge to you, the members of our community.

For those who haven’t heard about this yet, feel free to read the description HERE.
You know better than anyone, that we work year-round as volunteers promoting our artists’ work. We can’t do this one for you alone, and a FREE Red Carpet event will not happen unless we join together as a community.

So far, we’ve only raised $220 towards our goal of $1250. Most of that has come from personal friends of the festival organizers. Special thanks go out to our only 21-Day Filmmaker, Kevin Corcoran of team Art Party Pictures, who has donated $20 thus far. Kevin is currently winning among our artists by proving he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. We will give a verbal announcement to the top fundraising Team at the festival.

Note: We are not asking you, our filmmakers and starving artists for money. We are asking you to pledge to find others who will contribute to your cause. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and it is a great exercise in fundraising your own projects in the future – just on a much smaller scale.
Everyone else: You want this event? Here’s how you can help make it happen.

1) Talk to your parents, your siblings, your cousins, or your non-artistic friends with “real jobs.” Anybody you know who supports you and your passion for your art. Explain to them how your film having a true Red Carpet World Premiere screening will benefit you! Imagine the pictures! The excitement! The media coverage! And all the people who will be saying, “Now who are those handsome/beautiful people on the carpet? What brought them here? What film did THEY make?” Then tell them that $20 will help make this dream of yours a reality.

2) Whatever you raise, donate via the indiegogo link. Note that you get other cool stuff by donating, including T-shirts, DVDs, and acknowledgements at the festival.

Think of it this way: You tell your rich aunt and uncle how awesome this event will be for you as the star of a red carpet premiere. They’ll throw you $20 and they come out to the event and see for themselves how awesome it was. They’ll show off your red carpet pics to all their wealthy friends that love the arts. And the next time you’re fundraising for one of your personal projects, they’ll remember that  you’re Red Carpet material.

To sweeten the pot, if we raise more than $3000 (which will cover all red carpet extras & misc. credit card fees), the rest will become a CASH prize to be split among the winners of the 21-Day Competition and the Best Film of the Philadelphia Filmathon, in addition to all the other awesome stuff already being offered to each.

We have 57 teams of 21-Day filmmakers screening, and over 90 filmmakers in all being screened this year. If each filmmaker with a film in the fest can even raise $20 each, we’ll be able to pull off this awesome grassroots festival coup! Need promotional ideas? IndieGogo even has some great tips here!

Finally, if you decide to fundraise for your OWN campaign, IndieGogo has agreed to throw us $50 if you use this link:

With your help, we can make this a reality and bring Philadelphia its first grassroots Red Carpet Event BY filmmakers FOR filmmakers.

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