Looking to use SAG-AFTRA Talent in your Project Twenty1 project? Yes, but there are different rules for live-action filmmakers vs. animators.

Project Twenty1 does not set these rates or rules.


SAG-AFTRA will not allow short animations under the Short Project Agreements. We recognize that most of our animators will not be able to use union talent as a result, but in case your project has a budget, here is a rate sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v20y0e790fquxus/SAG-Rate%20Sheet%20TH%2011%2028%2018.pdf?dl=0 

And here is a link to the  Basic Agreement: https://www.sagaftra.org/files/2014_sag-aftra_cba_1.pdf


The SAG-AFTRA Short Project Agreement covers you if you want to use just one union actor or a cast of all union actors in your Project Twenty1 project of less than $50,000 budget, produced entirely in the Unites States. Note that animation projects are not currently covered by SAG-AFTRA’s Short Project Agreement.

Do you have to pay the actors or pay yourself if you’re a SAG-AFTRA member who wants to produce a film for Project Twenty1?

No, payment is deferred. If you make money someday on this film then you have to share with cast but no bond, no out of pocket costs except meals and transportation (30 a mile inclusive of any tolls) and any clothing you may ask the actor to buy.

How do I begin?

The first step of a Team Leader (producer) to work with SAG-AFTRA is to fill-out a Preliminary Information Form: https://www.sagaftra.org/preliminary-information-forms.

Your Team Leader should fill-out the Preliminary Information Form for the Short Project Agreement. This should be done in ADVANCE of the 21-Days of the Project.


Follow the instructions on the SAG-AFTRA website.

Then what?

It is suggested that when you enter your project title you add the festival name behind it. Example:  In My Room: Project Twenty1.

Note that you will also be assigned a business representative who you will have as a paperwork contact at SAG-AFTRA. When production is complete, you will submit all official SAG-AFTRA paperwork to that rep.

What about the secret element? Won’t that make it impossible to submit the script?

No worries! SAG-AFTRA is aware of the potential for twists at turns at Project Twenty1. Just send in a loose conceptual script with an additional note stating that your project is part of Project Twenty1.

What if I have other questions about the SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement?

Call or email Joshua Vasquez at the below:

Joshua Vasquez
Manager/Entertainment Contracts
5757 Wilshire Blvd.
7th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Direct: (323) 549-6007 | Main: (323) 549-6828

Good luck to all our teams!

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