Robbie Bryan founded GOOD TO BE SEEN FILMS in 1997 with partner Christie Botelho. In 1999, Bryan wrote, produced, and starred in “The Stand-In,” which won for Best Director and Best Actress (Kelly Ripa) at The New York International Film and Video Festival. In 2006, Bryan co-produced the feature film “Man From Earth,” which was nominated for a 2007 Saturn Award for Best Sci-Fi DVD release of the year. In 2008, Bryan co-wrote and directed the award-winning feature “iMurders,” released by Anchor Bay/Starz in 2009, and in summer of 2010, directed the short film “Choose” about a cancer victim with a difficult choice to make. Bryan has two projects on tap for GTBS Films in 2011:  the family-friendly “The Mighty Misfit Kids,” from his World Fest Houston Silver Remi-Winning screenplay, and the sequel to iMurders, for which Tony Todd and Brooke Lewis will reprise their roles.

Website: Good To Be Seen Films

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