Project Twenty1 Podcast #253 – Launch Event 2011

[youtube=] It’s here! The Launch Event, and for once we actually podcast during it. This year, 62 Teams of filmmakers begins their projects, and writers, actors, musicians, and assorted other creatives join them to help make the best projects possible. But, what will the secret Element be for 2011? Cinemassacre’s James Rolfe shows up to…


Project Twenty1 Podcast #238 – Meet The Faux-Interns

Steph gives us a sneak peek at the photo references she is using for her illustrations for Robbie Bryan’s upcoming feature “The Mighty Misfit Kids” Matt in the meantime has been out on shoots, and is trying to catch up on things he has missed. Including sending out materials to volunteers about fundraising and marketing. …


Project Twenty1 Podcast #179 – First Friday Art in Philadelphia

Before heading out with Lee to check out some interesting art galleries, such as the former “Real World” house in Philly, an extremely wind-blown Steph fills us in on her latest issues related to utilities and voting. November 5th, 2010 [youtube=]