Matt gets out of the office and we join him en route to a job with Weston Sound to film […]
Steph has been working many, many long hours because of the insanity of her workload. However she is taking some […]
Steph and Pete research grants. Steph creates a social media action plan for Norristown Arts Hill. She is also doing […]
We continue to taunt you with our top-secret project, but never fear, you will be able to see it on […]
Steph and Kelly get the webcam function of the new blog camera to work with Skype. As they finish that […]
Matt has an Norristown Arts Hill meeting to discuss the Arts Hill Spring Festival on Saturday May 7th. We will […]
Matt finishes editing and importing items for the weekend, then celebrates with an anti-superbowl gaming party. On Monday, he works […]
Steph struggles to get the newsletter out to the community, and goes through a wide range of emotions. Matt has […]
Even though it doesn’t look like it outside, apparently spring is just around the corner. Matt gives us a few […]
The frustration that sometimes comes with production reaches a full boil, and Matt fearlessly captures the melee that ensues. Okay, […]