Project Twenty1 Podcast #264 – Living In 8 Bits

[youtube=] Festival wrap-ups dealt with, the Project Twenty1 crew gets back to being creative and lends some writing, acting, and technical assistance to former PFAF winning filmmaker Michael Licisyn, who rents the office for a day to film the latest episode of his awesome web series Living in 8 Bits. November 16th, 2011 Watch the…


Project Twenty1 Podcast #257 – PAX

[youtube=] Matt, Stephanie and Lee join James Rolfe and Ryan Schott of Screenwave Media to attend PAX and introduce Seattle to our awesomeness. Special thanks to Team Awesome for letting us stay in their crazy arts mansion all weekend! Check out to see all the stuff we filmed while there, including the AVGN panel…

Media Coverage

Spotlight on 2010 Judge, James Rolfe

by Erica Apprich This “Nerd” is a Director-Producer-Writer-Actor- Editor-Critiquing machine! James D. Rolfe, one of Project Twenty1’s P21Fest judges, has been making movies since he was a child.   Many of you may know him by his alter-ego “The Angry Video Game Nerd” which has placed him in the Top 10 Most Subscribed Filmmakers of all-time…