Project Twenty1 Podcast #248 – Meet The Interns

Caroline, Aaron, and Devin, the Project Twenty1 video interns for summer of 2011 introduce themselves, and give you a self-guided, semi-accurate tour of the offices from their perspective! May 20, 2011 Support our festival by donating, becoming a member, subscribing to our newsletter and join the Susie Filmmaker page on Facebook, and get free stuff!…


Project Twenty1 Podcast #188 – Planning for 2011

While working on some promotional items and development of a possible franchise for Cinemassacre, Steph talks about the urgency to get their plans in place for the Fall of 2011. Hopefully this planning may finally secure a monetary sponsor. Matt, meanwhile recaps some of the projects he has been shooting this week. November 17th, 2010…


Project Twenty1 Podcast #119 – Sam’s Graduation

It’s intern Sam’s last day! We weep salty tears, and throw him a very sad goodbye party, like if your parents threw you one and invited none of your friends. Also, miracle of miracles, we manage to get the site transferred to Hosting.com, and… run into more tech issues in the form of an ugly…