Since their participation in Project Twenty1’s 21-Day Filmmaking Competition last year, Philagape Productions (creators of “Jane’s World“) has gotten involved with Numa Network (started by Gary Brolsma, the “Numa Numa” guy).

In the words of PhilaGape Team Leader Chris Pierdomenico, “We are now producing a weekly web show for [Numa Network] called “The Kristy Storms Show”, interviewing people on the street in a “Borat”-like fashion.”

One of their latest episodes is a tribute to the Phillies and Philadelphia in general….check it out here:

Even cooler, their Easter episode was featured on YouTube’s Comedy Channel, and has racked up nearly 200,000 hits in 2 short weeks. Congrats to Chris and the rest of PhilaGape!

Numa Network is located here:

Team PhilaGape will be participating in the 21-Day Competition again in 2009.


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