And the winners are… Audience Awards Red Screening: His & Hers Green Screening: never/odd/or/even Blue Screening: Hive Best Marketing Nominees: Team Assembled: […]
Read the article online from the original source here: archived copy (so we can keep it forever!) below: Local […]
Film Fest Kicks off 21-Day Competition By: Stephanie Noor (original source) The scene is like another Saturday in the one of […]
Looks like our filmmakers are already starting to draw some press for their accomplishments. Congrats, Phil! Everybody else… got some […]
A selection of Industry Pros that will review YOUR top 21-Day Filmmaking Competition and PFAF selections.
Congratulations to Michael Licisyn of Mixed Nuts Productions, winner of Best Feature at last year’s Project Twenty1 Film & Animation […]
Lowell Boston is the producer and creator of the half hour TV show Optical Toys, featured on both PhillyCam on […]
Born and raised in and around Philadelphia, Pa., Jeff Devlin spent most of his early life “borrowing” tools from his […]
Writer/Director Bajir Cannon was born in small-town Ohio and raised in a Sufi community outside Philadelphia. He wrote and directed […]
Robbie Bryan founded GOOD TO BE SEEN FILMS in 1997 with partner Christie Botelho. In 1999, Bryan wrote, produced, and […]