by Erica Apprich

This “Nerd” is a Director-Producer-Writer-Actor- Editor-Critiquing machine!

James D. Rolfe, one of Project Twenty1’s P21Fest judges, has been making movies since he was a child.   Many of you may know him by his alter-ego “The Angry Video Game Nerd” which has placed him in the Top 10 Most Subscribed Filmmakers of all-time on YouTube.

Rolfe was born in Southern New Jersey and now runs Cinemassacre Productions based in the Greater Philadelphia area. He is best known for his abusive, comedic, unconventional work.    Some of his other web franchises are “Board James”, where he unleashes his thoughts on board games of yesteryear, and “You Know What’s Bullshit?” where he adds his unique humor and style to everyday problems.   He also reviews movies for, where he mixes thorough research with his eccentric thoughts and creative editing in ways previously unseen in the world of film criticism.

Rolfe recently finished his 300th film, The Dragon in My Dreams, featuring the camera-work of Project Twenty1’s very own Matt Conant. The short film is essentially an origin-story that most artists can relate to.

“This is sort of a psycho-analysis of myself.  It’s about my earliest memory and what drove me to make movies,” said Rolfe.

Although “Dragon of My Dreams” shows the kind-hearted “Man Behind the Nerd”, Rolfe’s critical eye still remains. This is the second year that Rolfe will be judging the 21-Day Competiton Films and Philadelphia Filmathon finalists and he promised to not go easy on the competitors.

“These films had better not suck ass,” he commented, taking a drink from a bottle of Rolling Rock and eying the Project Twenty1 Crew suspiciously.

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