NEWSLETTER – July 10th, 2008


It’s getting close! The Launch Event is July 19th, so, without further ado:


The biggest question people have been asking: How do I get the Secret Element on the 19th if I am not attending the Launch Event in Philly? We will be emailing all Team Leaders the night of the Launch Event, at the same time (8:00pm) as we announce the Element in person, so no Team will have an unfair advantage.

The second most popular FAQ: How do we get you our films on time if we’re not local? This year, you simply need to have your film postmarked by the deadline of 8:00pm on August 9th. Of course, most Post Offices will not be open that late. However, outlets and courier services exist, such as FedEx Kinkos*, many of which are open 24/7 and which will also time stamp your package provided you hand it to an employee, not simply drop it in the slot outside. We recommend checking your local outlets to ensure that yours is INDEED open that night, so that if it isn’t, you can make other arrangements… or prepare to get your film the mail by end of business day Friday! We take no responsibility for films handed in late or getting disqualified because the place near you closed early!

Lastly, many of you have noticed that there are at least 27 Teams signed up, and that, in fact, signups are still on. In 2006, our Competition followed the “21 Teams, 21 Days” creed, so now people are asking, “So, with 27 Teams, is it not Project Twenty1 anymore?” Preposterous, we say! We will always be Project Twenty1. The first year, we limited the number of Teams to 21 for simplicity’s sake. Now, with increased demand and increased staff & volunteers hard at work, we can accommodate

more signups. You may also notice we have a couple Teams making TWO FILMS within these three weeks. Crazy, you say? That’s what we told them, but they’re committed to it, so who are we to put the brakes on motivation like that? Good luck, Teams!


Be prepared to find MORE than just the “Secret Element” on the 19th. We’ve received a TON of interest from other artists, actors, musicians, crew members and other people who are DYING to join Teams. Make sure you show up and bring your networking A-game, and you may end up with a crew double its original size by the time you leave! The Event starts at 7:00pm at International House (3701 Chestnut St.) on July 19th, so come one, come all, filmmakers and friends alike! You can even contact some volunteers on our message board in advance!

Since there will be a lot happening at the Launch Event, we realize you may not get all the face time you want with your potential recruits/Teams. So, join us for the After-party at The Whistle Bar (40 S. 19th St., 21+over, No Cover) immediately following the Launch Event! It will give you a chance to collect your thoughts, plot your game plan for the next 3 weeks, ask further questions to the producers, and maybe find a few more actors or musicians to add to your roster. And, of course, grab a nice cold drink!


While the list of Project Twenty1 Team members continues to grow, we do want to take this opportunity to thank one of our Founders who is leaving us for other artistic endeavors. We could not be prouder of and happier for Founding Partner Quang Ly, who is leaving his post as an active partner in order to focus on his music project, Delta Dreams, which is bringing him much success both on tour live and online via iTunes. As a parting gift, Quang has offered his vast library of ambient and electronica music as available for any Project Twenty1 Competition Team who wishes to use it in their film. Simply purchase a legitimate copy from iTunes for 99 cents and make sure you list it in the end credits of your piece. Quang will be staying on board in a consulting role with Project Twenty1, and to the rest of you, not to worry, Quang’s departure leaves our festival in the capable hands of the other Founders, Stephanie and Matt, who still have your backs here at Project Twenty1, and we have no plans on going anywhere any time soon!


With our extended Final Deadlines in place, we leave you with the following buttons/hyperlinks:

Much more coming next week, so stay tuned! We’d also like to welcome our new sponsors, including Reed Smith, The Whistle Bar, Vesuvio,,, and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia, without whom the festival would simply not be the same.

Your friends, as always,

Stephanie Yuhas, Executive Producer
Matt Conant, Festival Director
Project Twenty1
Not Just A Film Festival

*Project Twenty1 is not officially endorsing FedEx Kinkos or any other delivery service/outlet. We are not affiliated with these organizations in any way. We are merely offering them as options.

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