NEWSLETTER December 6, 2006
Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to all the 2006 Official Participants!
We know you worked really hard, but it truly shows! There is a lot of buzz about this festival going around Philadelphia at the moment, and that is all because of YOU!We could not be more excited about the films that were created for our first ever Festival.  Each and every one of you did an exceptional job on creating truly original and entertaining films, and because of it, your Project Twenty1 World Premiere screening showcased a wide range of styles and genres, including mystery, comedy, horror, drama, science fiction, thriller, and mockumentary.  We were equally impressed with how many different takes on “21” all of you came up with, ranging from the incredibly subtle to the very complex.  Congratulations again to all of you who submitted films!

Now, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to….


As you all may know, we are releasing a compilation DVD of your films, movie posters, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes photos and footage, bloopers, etc! So, send us whatcha got, printed out, digitized or in DV or DVD format. Please be aware, we cannot guarantee that ALL of it will get onto the DVD. Since there are obviously a lot of films and limited space, we will do our best to balance the features equally. But the rest is up to YOU!

Project Twenty1
PO Box 223
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-0223

All extra features must be postmarked by December 11th, 2006.  No additional materials will be accepted for the DVD after that under any circumstances as the entire collection will be sent off to the replicators! DVD pre-orders are now $5 off if you buy online.

IMPORTANT: A few of you forgot to include the text “This film has been made as a part of Project Twenty1.” And if you would like logos or anything, you can find them here. We ask that you please make sure that these words are somewhere in your films and that you never trim them off when submitting to other festivals. We are trying our best to promote you, so if you promote us, we can grow and help support you further. Remember: This year, YOU literally defined Twenty1. Wear your Twenty1 like a badge of honor!

Also, don’t forget that you must wait until after January 24th if you want to upload your entire films online. Feel free to post trailers, teasers, posters – heck, you can even submit to festivals, as long as they screen your the films after the 24 th. Again, this is in YOUR best interest; if you build hype for your films, more people will come out to see them on the 24th and give you that much deserved audience reaction. And if they see the DVD, they will even possibly get to see your smiling faces behind-the-scenes.

Remember Teams, it’s not just about your films – it’s about your experience. Tell the world your story – we’re listening!

Quang, Stephanie, & Matt
Project Twenty1 Producers

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