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It’s finally here! The 2008 Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon is coming January 5th, featuring 21 of what are sure to be some of the coolest, weirdest, scariest, deepest and most ridiculous independent films you’ve ever seen! We received 110 films from all over the world for our first-ever Film-A-Thon, and below are those chosen as the Top 21, all of which will screen on January 5th, 2008 at the Arts Bank in Philadelphia, PA.

Now, without further ado, presenting our 2008 Official Selections! All films were made in the USA unless otherwise indicated.

SCREENING #1: 1:30pm-3:00pm

Holiday Rumble
Animation/Comedy (4 minutes)
Dir. Kartik Mohan

The Insane
Horror (13 minutes, England)
Dir. Mark Cripps & David J Ellison

Thomas Edison Hates Cats
Animation/Educational (3 minutes)
Dir. Pinky

French Thoughts
Experimental (5 minutes)
Jason Sokol

Shooters: Get the Picture
Drama (19 minutes)
Dir. Maggie Patton

Silent Rubbish
Experimental (2 minutes)
Adam Cusack

Sonyark the Joker
Fantasy (45 minutes)
Dir. Stephen M. Giglio

SCREENING #2: 3:30-5:00pm

Story From North America
Animation (5 minutes)
Dir. Garrett Davis

Nice Guy Blues
Crime, Dramedy (12 minutes)
Dir. A. E. Griffin

The Art of Theatrical Ushery
Mockumentary (6 minutes)
Dir. C. Thaddeus Banks

Phanatic! A Phanumentary
Documentary (15 minutes)
Dir. Joe Killian

Hug Me To The Skies
Fantasy, Romance, Animation (6 minutes)
Dir. Andrew Kerekes

Bad Blood
Animation/Social Commentary (3 minutes)
Jonathan Etkins

Danny Boy
Horror (5 minutes)
Dir. Gary Hanna & Derek Dressler

Pysäkki (Plateau)
Drama (23 minutes, Finland)
Dir. Antti Pirinen

La Pianta (The Plant)
Sci-fi/Suspense (14 minutes, Italy/Spain)
Dir. Antonello Novellino

SCREENING #3 – 5:30pm-7:00pm

Online Dating
Animation/Comedy (2 minutes)
Dir. Sean McBride

Nyocker! (The District!)
Animation/Social Satire (87 minutes, Hungary)
Dir. Áron Gauder


SCREENING #4 – 8:00pm-9:30pm

Still Life
Suspense/Sci-fi (9 minutes, Canada)
Dir. Jon Knautz

A pill-popping, over-caffeinated driver accidentally hits something. Panic-stricken, he seeks help in a strange and desolate town that offers very little in human kindness.

I Wanna Be Famous
Animation/Comedy (3 minutes)
Dir. Nick Fox-Gieg

Jessica Delfino discovers a guaranteed shortcut to everlasting fame. Watch & learn!

Blood Car
Dark Comedy/Satire (75 minutes)
Dir. Alex Orr

In the future, gas is $30 a gallon and a man invents a car that runs on blood. Save gas… drive Blood Car.



Congratulations to all our Official Selections! But of course, you want to see these films, right? Well, then, read on to see how to get your tickets!

Before you buy your tickets, allow us a disclaimer: These films are ALL unrated, BUT we can assure you that Screenings 3 & 4 will certainly be considered “Risque” at a minimum for violence, blood/gore, sex, and extreme political incorrectness and are NOT appropriate for children, people that are faint of heart or easily offended. You’ve been warned.

Also, don’t forget to join us for the Reception, to take place between Screening #3 & #4 around 7:00pm, the Awards Ceremony to immediately follow Screening #4, and the Wrap Party, at the marvelous Vesuvio Restaurant at 8th and Fitzwater, home of the Best Sandwich in America (and a mere 5 minute cab ride from the theater), to go ’til the wee hours! The party, for P21 VIP’ers only, will include a FREE buffet table, FREE appetizers, and drink specials! More on this awesome location and event in our next newsletter! Special thanks to Stanley at Vesuvio for putting this package together!

Get your tickets HERE now! $21 gets you an all-day VIP pass to the Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon: all 4 screenings, plus the reception, awards ceremony and Wrap Party at Vesuvio! Bring your friends, a massive amount of snacks, and a gallon of your favorite beverage, and strap yourselves in for one of the most enjoyable times you’ll ever spend sitting on your ass! If you for some strange reason DON’T want to see all 6 hours of films, but only, say, an hour and a half somewhere, non-VIP tickets will be available shortly for individual screenings at $10 a ticket.


We are solidifying our judges to go through the Official 21 films and determine a Winner, but stay tuned in the coming weeks to see who will be judging your films! With luck, some of them may even show up to the screenings and Wrap Party on January 5th. So hurry! Get your tickets now! And we will be in touch again before the holidays. We hope to see you all there, and thank you so much for all your support thus far in making or first ever Film-A-Thon already such a huge success!

The Project Twenty1 Producers also wish to thank our devoted volunteers, Tom Johnsen on web and Niki Woodall on PR, for their hard work and efforts helping us get this Film-A-Thon going! Tom has been the one behind this season’s newsletters and website updates, and Niki is the one responsible for what is sure to be our awesome Wrap Party, as well as a few other tricks she has up her sleeves. With staff like this, and filmmakers and supporters like all of you, our festival can be nothing but a glorious success.

As always, your friends,


Quang Ly, Stephanie Yuhas, & Matt Conant

Project Twenty1 Producers

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