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NEWSLETTER January 22, 2007
The moment draws near!  This Wednesday, January 24th, the films voted Best of Project Twenty1 will screen at International House for the final time.  It’s going to be a busy week, so we encourage all filmmakers, film buffs, and artists in general to come on out and see our Teams’ fantastic films, each one made in less than 3 weeks time, and be the first to know which is the Best Film of Project Twenty1!  Click here to reserve a seat! Plus, stay for the Wrap party and network to your heart’s delight!

Forgotten Melody

To those of you unaware: this Wednesday, January 24th,  the top 14 Project Twenty1 films will be screened in one final 2 hour screening at International House, followed immediately by the announcing of Awards for categories like Best Acting, Best Directing, Best Soundtrack, and of course, Best Film.  Check the news section of our website for the complete list of Nominees in each category.

This is an awesome collection of films, ranging the gamut from comedy to drama to horror to mockumentary to science fiction, and is sure to have something for everybody!

AFTER PARTYAfter the screening and Awards announcements (around 9:30), we will be retiring to Marbar at 40th and Walnut to hold our official Wrap Party for the 2006 competition.  Everyone is invited!  Bring your stubs and come celebrate with us!  Catering will be provided compliments of Marbar, and there will be filmmakers, animators, musicians, and artists of all types from near and far to network with, so come along, and bring your friends!  Be aware, this IS a bar, which means 21+ only.  (That’s the state of Pennsylvania talking, not us.)  Sorry, kids!

Red Seven
Now that the Nominees have been announced and the Judges final votes are in, we can reveal our 2006 Judges.  Project Twenty1 would like to thank our 2006 judges for taking the time to thoroughly review all the films!  It was nail-bitingly close in several categories.Good luck to all of our nominees, and congratulations to all our 2006 Teams!  We hope to see all of you at the Best of Screening!


Equally exciting, the Official Project Twenty1 2006 DVD will be released immediately following the screening in the lobby of International House!  This disc contains all 14 eligible films in their entirety, as well as the 3 equally superb films submitted after the deadline, PLUS over 2 hours of additional bonus features, including bloopers, stills from the filmmakers’ sets, trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, the Project Twenty1 trailer and documentary, and more!  The full DVD logs at more than 4 hours of material!

January 24th will also be the final night to receive the pre-order price of $20!  Starting January 25th, these discs will be returning to their normal price of $25 in our Official Store, so pre-order now and save 5 bucks! Orders picked up in person will get their shipping cost refunded. All pre-orders not picked up in person on the 24th will be shipped out the following day, Thursday, January 25th.



Whether you have a film that will be screened, one that is up for Awards, or are simply a film buff, friend, or family member, there is much more left to Project Twenty1.  Just because this is our final Screening of the Festival does NOT mean that we are done with these films.  In fact, we have already begun talking to other film festivals nationwide to increase exposure and gain additional screenings for our Teams’ films!  If you have contacts at another festival or movie house in your region, please feel free to send them our way.  We’d love to speak with them!

More from us soon.  Thanks for keeping in the loop, and for making our first year so extremely successful thus far.  Hope to see you all on the 24th!  If we haven’t met you in person yet, please introduce yourselves!  We look forward to welcoming you into our rapidly-growing community.


Quang, Stephanie, & Matt

Project Twenty1 Producers

Presenting Sponsors 2006

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