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NEWSLETTER October 11, 2006

  • News: South Philly Review
  • SIGN-UPS: October 15, 2006
  • Phase 2: Site Enhancements

Welcome to the latest installment of the official Project Twenty1 newsletter!  We are excited that our myspace page has nearly doubled in size in the last week as we speed towards the excitement forthcoming this Saturday night: Team Registrations!

Project Twenty1 received another piece of press coverage this week from The South Philly Review!  Staff writer Lorraine Gennaro interviewed Producer and South Philly resident Quang Ly and the rest of the festival organizers to gather all the details of what makes Project Twenty1 stand above the crowd.  For our friends who may be outside SPR’s coverage area, feel free to check out the article at the South Philly Review Paper.
Take 21 South Philly Review Article
It is officially less than one week until Team Registration opens! We will be sending out a reminder newsletter this Saturday night, just before signups commence on midnight of Oct. 15th. Those of you reading this in our newsletter have an advantage already because you know about pre-registration! Pre-registering (Team’s Username should begin with “Team”) does not obligate you to sign up as a team, nor does it guarantee you a spot in this year’s Project Twenty1, but it DOES allow you to sign up a little bit faster once the actual moment of truth arrives.  And from what type of response we’re getting, every second might count once Saturday night rolls around!
courtesy of Oliver Assiran

courtesy of Oliver Assiran
PHASE 2: ONLINE STORE & FORUMOnce 21 Teams have signed up, the Project Twenty1 producers will announce our Official Teams for 2006, and several new pages will become active on the site.  First, the Official Store will begin selling tickets to the screenings in December and January!  Why is this important?  Well, the coveted Audience Award is determined by popular vote, so you might want to get your tickets early before the screenings sell out!

More importantly, at the time we begin accepting registrations, we will simultaneously launch our site’s Forum, which will allow registered participants to post openings for needed cast and crew positions. Similarly, the Forum will allow any of you actors and crew members who might be Team-less to post your skills to the site and to contact Teams you might be interested in working with.

You will be sent a confirmation email once you have registered and are accepted as one of our Teams.  You will then have nearly a month to gather your cast and crew, and to prepare for the Launch Event in November when we announce the “Element”.  After that, the race is on!


HERE WE GO!Thanks to everyone that has expressed support and interest through numerous phone calls, emails, and cross-promotion! It sounds like we’re going to have a “full house,” so we strongly recommend that interested Teams sign up as close to the opening of registration as possible for the first ever Project Twenty1 competition.

The next time you hear from us will be Saturday night.  If anybody has any final pre-registration questions for us, now is the time!  Looking forward to seeing your beautiful Team names on our website this time next week, and to meeting you all at the Launch Event in November!




Stephanie Yuhas
Quang Ly
Matt Conant
Project Twenty1 Producers

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