NEWSLETTER October 21, 2006

Team Sign Up Team Sign Up
Price: $100.00 (Early Discount)

Be one of the 21 Teams to sign up for Project Twenty1 Film & Animation Festival Competition

Oct. 23th Early Team Registration $100
Oct. 30th Normal Team Registration $125
Nov. 6th Late Team Registration $135



There’s only a few days left to take advantage of the discounted “Early Registration” fee to participate in the 2006 Project Twenty1 Competition! Teams have signed up from near and far, but there are still a few slots left before we reach the magic number of 21. Remember, the FIRST 21 participants to sign up will be our official Teams, so if you’re interested in creating a brand-new film in three weeks, and getting yourself INSTANT audience feedback and potential Awards, time is of the essence! What do you have to lose? Sign up now!
For those of you who dislike this whole “interweb” thing, you may also sign up by phone by calling 484-716-7780. A festival coordinator will walk you through the process and sign you up, provided there are slots left.


It is recommended that you read both the Project and the Film Rules on our website before signing up. Once you are officially registered as a Team, you may want to check out our Message Board. Feel free to use the boards to ask questions, search for cast and crew members, or meet for your out-of-towners, meet local Ambassadors to represent your Team in Philly! Questions will also be answered via email and through MySpace messages.


Just a quick reminder: Unlike other festivals in which you can mail your films to us provided you hit a given postmark, Project Twenty1 will be screening your films a mere two days after your films are to be delivered to us. For this and many other reasons, each Team are required to have a local Ambassador (or somebody willing to make the hike to Philly) for the Launch Event on November 11th (to learn the “Element” and immediately alert your Teammates), as well as at the Drop Event on December 2nd, to physically hand us your films and your required signed forms (see our Forms Page for more on this). We don’t want films and forms getting “lost in the mail” and besides, if we don’t have your film, we can’t assemble the screening! Which brings us to the next topic:


You may have noticed the “Red” and the “Blue” screening set on both Dec. 4th and Dec. 5th. Due to the sheer running time of twenty-one short films, potentially up to 10 minutes each, we need to break the screenings into two each day, 10-11 films per screening. Each Team will be randomly placed into either the Blue or Red screening set by the festival producers, and as soon as we have our final Team, we will announce the lineup on our website and our MySpace. Tickets for all screenings will be available online (to guarantee a seat & avoid long lines!)

As a bonus for participating, each Team will receive two complimentary passes to either the Red or Blue screenings on Dec. 4th! We imagine that most of you will want to stick around (or show up early) for the other screening, of course, to size up your competition, and to register additional votes for the coveted Audience Award! 1 seat = 1 vote, so vote early and often to get your film into the “Best of” Screening in January!


Most importantly, if you want to be a Team, your window of opportunity is rapidly closing! With nothing to lose and so much potential gain, the only question is, why haven’t you already signed up? Join us in the first year of our Project and go down in history as one of the First Twenty1!


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