NEWSLETTER – July 25th, 2008

Welcome to all our new participants, entrants into the Film-A-Thon, and new friends! It’s been an exciting first week of the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition, and though it isn’t quite at an end yet, we thought we’d bring you all up to date on the highlights, including a few VERY exciting pieces of news we have to share with all of you.

Grand Prize – Distribution Offer from Polychrome/Warner Bros!

Project Twenty1 is proud to announce a new partnership which is allowing us to get much wider exposure for this year’s Project Twenty1 Film Festival Compilation DVD. The first year, our DVD was self-distributed through our store and on Amazon, but now, thanks to a last-minute deal struck between Project Twenty1’s Jason Asselta and Polychrome Pictures’ Danny Rodriguez, we have learned that this year’s Festival DVD will be distributed by Polychrome Pictures through Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Video/DVD!

As our Festival has expanded since 2006, the DVD will work a little differently this year. Both the Winner of “Best Film” in our 21-Day Filmmaking Competition AND the winner of “Best Feature” in our Philadelphia Film-A-Thon, will be offered inclusion on the DVD. Considering most filmmakers spend months or years sending their films to festivals, setting up their own screenings, and pitching the project around to find a deal like this, we are THRILLED to be able to offer this directly to our winners!  Filmmakers, we know you’ll want more information on this deal. For that, see our FAQ page or contact us directly.

In addition to this deal, Grand Prize Winners will also receive copies of Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, valued at $800, and other assorted Prizes that you can see on our website. In addition, we still partner with various festivals around the country, and the films that win Awards for individual categories but don’t end up on the DVD will still be promoted and sent to other festivals on the filmmakers’ behalf, which means plenty of exposure for our top films of 2008 across the board!

21-Day Filmmaking Competition & Launch Event

Our Launch Event was a huge success!  Over 150 filmmakers, animators, musicians, actors, and other artists and industry professionals showed up to meet each other, network, and learn The Element for this year (“Light”), as well as just to learn more about us and our festival in general. And the enthusiasm from our Teams was infectious to say the least! Pictures from the event are coming soon, stay tuned!

We mentioned this at the Launch Event, but wanted to emphasize it for those who couldn’t make it: our Competition has the standard Awards for “Best Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Acting”, “Best Writing”, “Best Cinematography” and “Best Effects” BUT, the one people don’t expect (and one of the important ones in the grand scheme of things) is the Award for “Best Marketing”. This is the ONLY award that is specifically chosen by the Project Twenty1 Festival Administration (rather than a panel of judges) because we have direct contact to Teams online, through our Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Project Twenty1 will updating links & information on the 21-Day Competition Teams Page with links to Team-created promotional pages. Team members, if you have created any additional posters/trailers/websites, etc., make sure you send us updates! Audiences, please check back on our site so you can track their progress and see which films to root for during the screenings. After all, there is an “Audience Favorite Award” too! 🙂

Philadelphia Film-A-Thon Submissions

The other half of our Festival, the Philadelphia Film-A-Thon is still accepting submissions! With our new Grand Prize package, we feel like there might be others of you out there eager to submit! We’re receiving a lot of high-quality films, but you never know… yours may be The One the judges are waiting for! Fortunately, the Late Entry Deadline for the Film-A-Thon is now August 9th, but that’s still not far off!

The Film-A-Thon accepts shorts and features, documentaries, narratives, and experimental films, live-action and animation, up to 2 hours long. While the distribution Prize is only for the Winner of “Best Feature” in the Film-A-Thon, all other prizes, including trophy, Toon Boom Storyboard packages, and assorted gifts are still completely available to short film submissions.

Thank You!

We’d like to thank our own Jason Asselta for his diligence and decision to eschew sleep for a week, as well as Danny Rodriguez over at Polychrome Pictures for their combined efforts in setting up the distribution Prize. We’d also like to thank the good folks at ToonBoom for providing the storyboarding software Prizes, International House for once again being a gracious host, Feastivities Catering and Edible Architecture for the amazing spreads at the Launch Event, and lastly the Greater Philadelphia Film Office for providing our Teams with Crew passes to make shooting in Philadelphia even more affordable this summer. For those Team Leaders who were unable to attend the Launch Event but will be attending the Project Twenty1 Film Festival in October, you may pick up your pass at the fest and use it for discounts around Philly while you’re in town that weekend!


Your friends, as always,
Stephanie Yuhas & Matt Conant
Project Twenty1 Producers
Not Just A Film Festival

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