Caroline, Aaron, and Devin, the Project Twenty1 video interns for summer of 2011 introduce themselves, and give you a self-guided, […]
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2nd @ 7:30pm – FILMATHON FEATURE: HANDLEBAR (with Emily in the A.M.) 106 mins. (individual screening ticket) (discount […]
PROJECT TWENTY1 – NOT JUST A FILM FESTIVAL NEWSLETTER  September 15, 2007 Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? We […]
or download WRTI Interview 3 with Susan Lewis
or download As promised, Susan Lewis of “Creatively Speaking” follows up on her Nov. 18th segment by accompanying Team GOSONO […]
or download Project Twenty1 was featured this past Saturday the 18th, on the show “Creatively Speaking” on WRTI, 90.1 FM.  […]