NEWSLETTER  September 15, 2007

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? We come bearing the news that we know everybody has been dying to hear about: the date of the next Project Twenty1. .. so without further adieu…
The Official Call for Entries is now open for the Brand-New Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon! Project Twenty1 wants your films. Comedy, horror, science fiction, documentary, experimental, you name it. We are accepting films of literally all genres and all lengths, short or feature! The best 21 films will be screened at the Official Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon in a day of events and screenings, to take place January 5th, 2008. The day’s events will revolve around three screenings, two in the afternoon, one in the evening, with a catered reception in between and an Awards Ceremony and Wrap Party following the final screening. The screenings will be held at The Arts Bank at the University of the Arts, at the corner of South St. and the Avenue of the Arts in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, PA.    Only 21 films will make the cut! Unlike last year, where Project Twenty1 was exclusively a filmmaking competition, for the Film-A-Thon we are accepting pre-existing works, and not limiting you in form, length, or content. Read more below for additional details on submission requirements.
For those of you who already miss our unique 21-day Film Competition, don’t worry, we’ll be back (and expanding) our original competition format in the summer of 2008!  Project Twenty1 has formed a partnership with the International House of Philadelphia, where we will be holding another competition exactly like last year’s, but greatly expanded to allow for more than 21 Teams in competition, and additional Spotlight Films kicking off each screening. Why the change in season? Actually, it was in response to you! When reading the feedback forms from the 2006 competition, we realized several of our Teams found it hard to make films during the holiday season, being called home to family, getting kicked out of dorms, etc. It seems as though summer is likely to be an ideal time for everybody to really focus on making an awesome short film. So, in the summer of 2008, we will be re-launching The Project Twenty1 Film Festival & Competition, encompassing both the 21 day short film competition that made us famous, and a venue in which to exhibit pre-existing Spotlight films!
So, you want to submit one (or more) of your films to the Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon? Great! Check out our DVD, miniDV, or DVCam.  The Grand Prize will be valued at no less than $250, and will also include a trophy, free passes to your screening, and of course the right to say you won “Best Film” of the Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon! How To Enter page for more information. After you fill out your paperwork, make sure you remember to physically mail us your film on DVD, miniDV, or DVCam.  The Grand Prize will be valued at no less than $250, and will also include a trophy, free passes to your screening, and of course the right to say you won “Best Film” of the Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon!
Deadlines for submissions and entry fees are as follows:
Early Deadline: Postmarked by October 1st – $21
Standard Deadline: Postmarked by October 15th – $35
Late Deadline: Postmarked by November 1st – $45
As you can see, it’s in your best interests to get your films off to us as soon as possible to take advantage of our Early Deadline promotion. You still have more than two weeks lead time. Make sure, before submitting, that you own or have licensed the rights to everything in your film, including the soundtrack. Once you’re sure of that, Enter Here!
It’s sure to be an excellent set of screenings. Our Film-A-Thon will gather the best of the independent scene, which could include YOU, and judging will be done by several extremely influential individuals in local and national filmmaking. Our Events will include food, drinks, and partying ’til the wee hours! A full day Pass for this festival, which includes both screenings and all parties, will be only $21. The $21 VIP Pass will get you into all three screenings as well as the Reception, Awards Ceremony, and Wrap Party, but tickets will also be available for individual screenings at $10 each as we get closer to announcing the films. However, if you want to be able to see all the films, as well as network with all the other local, national, and international filmmakers, animators, and composers between screenings, plan to make a day of it! Besides, it’ll be cold outside anyway. So why not hunker down, enjoy the toasty theater and the entertainment, and join us for the 2008 Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon!  Advanced tickets can be purchased here – this is an exclusive event, so make sure you grab one before they sell out!
We’re hiring! If you have experience with sponsorship coordination or sales, please contact us with your resume and contact information so you can help us kick off our new year!

In addition, we hope to hear from all of you regarding your thoughts on our festival in general, our 2008 expansion, our shift in the dates of the Film Competition, and our January 5th Film-A-Thon. Please keep in touch! We hope to see all of you at the Second Annual Project Twenty1, and come see for yourself why we’re more than just a film festival.
As always, your friends,
Quang Ly, Stephanie Yuhas, & Matt Conant
Project Twenty1 Producers



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