Project Twenty1 Podcast #158 – Festival Day Three

As Matt and Steph try to get out of the parking garage, Steph has a beef with the Philadelphia Parking Authority, she calls upon the community to help with a parking solution. Highlights from the red carpet, the final screening, before the awards ceremony, and Steph excitedly gives her final comments on this year’s festival….


Project Twenty1 Podcast #157 – Festival Day Two

Steph runs amuck with the camera, as she mingles with the crowds. Guest camera work by A.E. Griffin, as he visually defines “The Conant”. Also Son Of A Beach filmmaker Rob Walker offers a new title for the podcast. Plus a false fire alarm disrupts screenings, and Steph has to slip out to take care…


Featured Showcase: Stories from Across America

Our second screening, Friday, October 1st at 2:30pm should be enough to get both the comedy and drama lovers amongst you out to the fest. Stories From Across America features a variety of gripping, hilarious, gut wrenching and hopeful stories from Pittsburgh to Louisiana to California and everywhere in between. Skimming the Surface is a…

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Filmathon Featured on NBC!

Around Town (original source) So You Think You’re the Next Spielberg… By KELLY BAYLISS Updated 6:29 AM EDT, Fri, Jun 5, 2009 Got what it takes to make movies? Prove it by sending your film to the Philadelphia Filmathon If you’re an undiscovered filmmaker looking for your big break, send your latest (maybe only) masterpiece…


Newsletter – Nov. 26th, 2007

PROJECT TWENTY1 – NOT JUST A FILM FESTIVAL NEWSLETTER – November 26th, 2007 FILM-A-THON SUBMISSIONS The Final Deadline has now passed for the Project Twenty1 Film-A-Thon. We received shorts and features from all over the world: U.S.A, Canada, Spain, Finland, Hungary, and Australia, among many others!  These films cover the gamut of filmmaking and animation, as…