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Seeking the perfect gift for the indie film lover in your life? Project Twenty1 has the answer!


You attend our events, you’re already Facebook friends with us, you receive our newsletter. NOW, join Philadelphia’s hottest film community and become an official Member of Project Twenty1!

What does that mean?

Members receive:

-Discounted or free admission to most Project Twenty1 events through December 2010
-Discounted admission to many partner events throughout Philadelphia and New York.
-Discounts on film industry products and services like equipment, rentals, software and more!
-Secret Member-only coupon codes for use on our website
-Member-only raffles & giveways at live events
-Member-only newsletters & advanced ticket sales/event notices
-Priority Seating during P21Fest
-1 free blast per membership on our Twitter & Susie Filmmaker Facebook account about your upcoming projects, cast and crew needs, or screening

As with any volunteer-run organization, members are the backbone of Project Twenty1. Thanks to our members, we can continue to provide inspiration, connections, exhibitions, and promotion that helps “starving artists” within the P21 community evolve their hobbies into successful film, animation, and arts careers.

If anybody you know attends Project Twenty1 events, this gift will save them time and money in 2010! Or become a member yourself! Get your Membership on our Store by Dec. 15th, and it will be mailed out to you by Holiday time.


PROJECT TWENTY1 Presents: “LIGHT” (Vol. 2)

After much anticipation, it’s finally here! In the summer of 2008, 30 Teams of filmmakers had 21 days to make films up to ten minutes long based on the Element “Light.” The films that came in blew us away! Since screening at our festival, these films have screened in over a dozen other festivals, TV networks, and screening series nationwide, including The Temecula Valley Film & Music Festival, The Bare Bones Script-2-Screen Film Festival, Collingswood TV, and The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.

Now, you can own “LIGHT” on a dual-layer DVD featuring over 4 hours of content! This disc includes all 30 original short films, plus director’s cuts and trailers! See what independent filmmakers can do with 3 weeks time and a spark of inspiration. Buy “Light” here!

This is a LIMITED-EDITION RELEASE of less than 100 copies! So those of you who keep asking about this, get your disc now or forever hold your peace. This DVD is only $20.00.

Support our humble film organization, and our filmmakers, and get yourself a copy! And then get 5 more for all your friends!


PROJECT TWENTY1 Presents: “21” (Vol. 1)

We also have NEW versions of our Volume 1 DVD: “21”. “21” is NOT the casino film of the same name (ours was first!), but rather a DVD featuring all 17 short films created for Project Twenty1 based on our first year’s Element “21.” From shopping carts to lottery tickets to… well, fine, there is a blackjack game or two in there, see what 17 Teams of filmmakers from around the world did with three weeks and the number “21”! In addition to the films, this disc also contains director’s cuts, behind-the-scenes, trailers and documentaries about the making of one of the films, as well as Project Twenty1 itself.

For the completionist, VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2 look great next to each other on the shelf. (Just saying.) And Volume 1 is yours for just $15. Buy it HERE!


Order now to ensure delivery (and free shipping!) by the holidays.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and hope to see you all in 2010!

Your friends, as always,

Stephanie Yuhas, Executive Producer
Matt Conant, Artistic Director
Project Twenty1
Not Just A Film Festival

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